Scene Partner


$175 PER SCENE, $500 FOR 3

Welcome to the SCENE PARTNER package, where you can pay a dramatically lower cost than a regular DEMO REEL PRODUCTION package for what is essentially the same end result - a great 2 person scene that showcases your acting abilities in a short 30 second - minute clip.

What's Different?

1. You don’t get to choose the script. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get some good, juicy lines to play with, especially if you tell us ahead of time what you’re looking to get out of this role. Within reason, we can try to accommodate your preferences.

2. You don’t get to pick your scene partner. We pair you off based on availability. Bear in mind that 90% of my clients don’t choose their scene partners anyway, because that’s not really the point. The point of the scene is to see how you interact with the material at hand, no matter who your partner is.

3. I don’t edit the scene specifically for you. Generally this isn’t an issue given that great scenes are a 2-way street for both actors, and I make sure to give you enough screen time to be worth it. And to top it off, if you still want some tweaks after you’ve seen the final project, I’ll give you whatever raw footage you need to make the cut yourself. It’s a win win!

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