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Darwin Carlisle, Founder, Director - First Class Reels

Darwin Carlisle, Founder, Director - First Class Reels

Make your reel for yourself, not for others.

It may seem counterintuitive, given the industry-facing intention behind demo reel production, but the most important rule to follow when you produce your own reel is to get the voice of other people out of your head as much as possible. The world of acting is inherently premised on intimacy, connection, and being relatable, and the intense expectations of managers and agents often helps to extinguish all of these attributes before you even get started. With First Class Reels, we will help you find ways to be mindful of the advice of your mentors without being beholden to it. If you can absorb their words and understand where they're coming from, it can arm you with tools to direct your reel toward the outcome you desire. But do not under any circumstances treat it as gospel. The important attributes of your reel is that it comes off as fresh, invigorating, and genuinely memorable. It’s a quirk of the creative process that only you know how to achieve that kind of outcome, and as such it is paramount that you tune out other creative input and genuinely listen to your own inner judge.

Besides, it would be impossible for you to make a scene that would impress everybody. What you can do is connect your acting style to the people most likely to be impressed by it, and this means following your heart and communicating with authenticity. There is a common reference in the industry to “movie magic”, where the elements congeal to create a moment far greater than the sum of its parts. First Class Reels is about how to find that magic moment inside of you by creating a foundation for it to emerge. This moment will show off what you are capable of, and will not only start your career with a reel of high quality, but will energize you with a renewed appreciation for the quality you can bring to every role for the rest of your life.