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Dance-tress Acting Up: IAWTV Awards/NAB

Hayyy, I'm back! In case I have another lazy few weeks, feel free to stay up to date with all of my fun exciting shenanigans on the tweeter and InstaG


I know I know, I've been slacking a lot lately with my writing, but it's officially time to get back to business. 

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to head to Vegas for a few days to support two of my boyfriends web series that were competing at the IAWTV awards (International Academy of Web Television). It's like the Emmy's for web series. The festival is less than 10 years old and is growing each year. I also happened to be co director for Episode 1 of "The Gambit" which is stinking cool. Also, nominated was "Grayson Earth One: The Boy and the Bullet".

We didn't win anything, but we all had so much fun. I know this is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but we were all just really excited to be there. And the best part about it was that a good majority of our actors were able to be there with us to celebrate. I mean, come on, its Vegas!

Top L-R: Coco Dallons, Me, Jack Cullison, Katy Young, Group (Everybody and Hisonni Johnson, Genaro Marzan), Raj Bhavsar + another film maker I don't know his name from Brazil, another group including Jabari Gray, Raj, Jono Cota, Stephen McCain. Hope this wasn't too confusing :)

Top L-R: Coco Dallons, Me, Jack Cullison, Katy Young, Group (Everybody and Hisonni Johnson, Genaro Marzan), Raj Bhavsar + another film maker I don't know his name from Brazil, another group including Jabari Gray, Raj, Jono Cota, Stephen McCain. Hope this wasn't too confusing :)

Yes, award shows can be boring, but I was SO impressed with how well put the show was. They opened the award ceremony with a musical comedy which was actually really entertaining. I admit, I was expecting to see a giant boring flop, but I found myself smiling and laughing the entire time. Actors from various web series were chosen to present awards for each category that was up for an award. This was especially cool because a few cast members from our shows were presenting. And, to top if off, the entire show was streaming live on the web so everyone who wasn't able to attend, could be there with us in spirit. Bonus! So high five to everyone involved in putting the show together.


Coincidently, the award show happened to be in Vegas at the same time as the NAB conference (National Association of Broadcasters). We didn't attend any panels or workshops, but it was semi-cool to check out the new equipment and gadgets. I'm not really techy kind of person, so one room of gadgets was enough for me. I was ready to go. If you're into new toys, then this is the place for you! Sound equipment, lighting, camera, etc it was all there. 

Just wanted to share with everyone a little what I've been up to. Stay tuned for next weeks blog. Feel free to send me your exciting news as well, I look forward to hearing about it. Ciao 

Just being silly as usual 

Just being silly as usual 

Dance-tress Acting Up: Producing your own projects



Producing my own projects has been some of the greatest accomplishments I've achieved in a very long time. Being in charge on my own set is empowering. Editing how I want, is incredibly entertaining. Seeing the finished project is rewarding beyond words. You have a completed finish project to present and show. You did it, what an accomplishment! But it isn't always as easy as 1, 2, 3.

It is very tiring. Everything is on YOU, especially if you enlist other people to help you either in front or behind the camera. If you don't finish the project, then not only have you wasted everyones time, but those people most likely will not be willing to help you again. Why should they? They got nothing out of it, and unfortunately, I am still at the level where I can't pay anybody. If they take the time to be on your set, that is time they could potentially be making money elsewhere. So, be efficient and understanding.


Now that you have a finished product that you're proud of, you can't wait to show the world. You have spent countless hours producing, writing, editing and you can't wait for everyone to see it. It should definitely go viral, because according to you, it is AMAZING. But, that isn't always the case.

It is really, really, really hard to rack up the views (unless you have a following. I do not). Therefore, it can become discouraging very quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the views on my video are from me refreshing the browser over and over.

People are busy. Not everybody goes on social media often enough to see it. Not everybody cares. Maybe some people don't even like you. Who knows, but what I do know, is that you DON'T have to be rude to people who want to share with you something they worked very hard on and are very proud of. 

For example, my boyfriend just finished the second episode to his fan film series, "Grayson: Earth One". The first video has over 300k views and has won numerous awards all over the country. In order to get the second episode out, we have been hitting up social media, press, bloggers, etc in hopes of getting the word out, but some of the responses have been so rude. 

"Stop spamming me"

"I don't know you"

"I don't care"

How does one consider a simple tweet spam? And if it is your job to cover all things comic related how are we inconveniencing you? In fact, we are making your job easier by coming to you so you don't have to do the work to research the latest and greatest news #yourewelcome. Not to mention, everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while. I highly doubt everyone got to where they want to be 100% by themselves. Is a simple click really all that painful?

From artist to artist, remember, we are all in this together.  A little more respect? 

Dance-tress Acting Up: LA Web Fest

I admit, I've been a little grumpy lately and down in the dumps. This year has been nonsense after nonsense of things I just can't control- car window getting smashed in with a baseball bat, sickness that lasted four months, 2 broken computers, home issues (dealing with a roommate who lied about cancer, unfortunately this is true), family struggles, and the constant stresses of Hollywood and having doors slammed in your face. OR, none opened at all. Life can kick your ass sometimes and it becomes very difficult to remain positive. I had to work really hard to not lash out at those close to me. I'm not sure I have done the greatest job with that though, sorry. 

Then one morning you wake up to some good news and life begins to shine again. For example, the web series that I have been working on, 12 TeEn, was just accepted into LAWebFest 2015! AND, just THIS morning I found out I was nominated for "Outstanding Lead Actress" in a comedy! Say what? The little series that started off as a joke, has now given me a writing, producing, and directing credit as well as an opportunity to win an award. This is awesome. I didn't even think I would be accepted into the festival in the first place. I know it doesn't have the highest production value, but it is a great start. Completing a web series is an accomplishment in itself. It feels really nice being recognized for your hard work. 

I think that with the more you struggle, the sweeter your success' are. I have this theory about struggle and I believe everyone should have a good amount of struggle in their lives and careers. Talk to my boyfriend and he can tell you how often I talk about this. For now though, I'll save this for another post.

Hollywood is a survival of the fittest. How long can you hang in there? Do you have the motivation and support to keep going? We have to fall sometimes to gain the strength to climb back up. Good luck my friends! We'll climb together.