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Dance-tress Acting Up: A Village


About two hours ago, this questioned popped into my head, who actually reads these blogs? I’ve only been writing them for about a month, and I’m having a grand ole time, but does anyone actually read these besides my mom? Regardless, I will continue writing, but I’m genuinely curious to know who you are. Who is out there in internet-land reading my online diary? That’s essentially what this is, right?  

Actually, does anybody watch my videos? I have 840 friends on my facebook page and my videos average about 150 views more or less. I know that a lot of people don’t get online as much as I do so they don’t ever see the posts. I know that some people are “not allowed” to watch it because they are secretly facebooking at work. Tisk, tisk. Some people don’t have a spare few minutes. And by those people, I’m talking to all of my friends with kids. You are excused from everything. Kids are exhausting and you are busy being the great parents that you are. I am aware that what I write or create is not meant for everyone to like, so that group of people probably won’t click these links, but where is everybody else? 


“It takes a village to raise a child” and it also takes a village to succeed. Nobody can do it alone. I feel that if one succeeds, we all succeed. Sometimes I wonder if people are scared to help one another in fear of them “taking their jobs”. I can’t promise that I won’t try to book the job, but I will most likely remember you the next time I hear about a casting. Or, if I know someone who knows someone that could help you with whatever you may need, i.e. casting, representation, teacher, actor, whatever. Maybe it’s more of an ego thing? Fearing that your peer will succeed faster than you. Everybody needs help and a great support circle. Let’s be friends.

So, here is where my experiment begins. It’s your chance for some reader interaction. Who’s excited?! All you have to do is click the “like” button below. It should be towards the bottom of this page (First Class Reels). NOT the “like” button on my facebook page. You don’t actually have to like this particular blog, but I couldn’t think of an easy way to tally and count.

Now where is my village, people? HA! You like that one?

As a former competitive gymnast/dancer, I will be sharing with you my journey as I transition into acting full time. I want to share my experiences and hopefully give you insight and tips on some things that I wish someone would have told me BEFORE I moved to California to start my journey. Some times, you have to live to learn, but always remember that you're already living the dream. - Caslin Rose