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New Music Video From Darwin Carlisle - "Siham" Live in Los Angeles

This music video contains no special effects or filters aside from the basic cropping of the video into 4 vertical sections, with each quadrant time shifted -2 frames from left to right.  There is no color correction, overlays, or repositioning of the quadrants, just a lot of hard cuts.  For a more detailed overview of how I created the music video, watch the Making Of video linked below.

"SIHAM" by Moon Mountain - Live in Los Angeles

Hailing from the snowy city of Copenhagen, Denmark, Moon Mountain blends psychedelic rock with strong guitar riffs, spins it into oriental mysticism and adds a dark and bluesy vocals.  Inspirations include Mazzy Star, Jefferson Airplane, Velvet Underground and PJ Harvey, but the band manages to create its own unique sound that pulls you into an intimate and almost trance-creating universe.  You can check them out on bandcamp at

Making of: How I Created the "Siham" Effect
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"Siham" Live In Los Angeles at 72 North
Directed and Edited by: Darwin Carlisle