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Dance-tress Acting Up: Firing My Manager

So, I fired my manager a few days ago. First week of October and I’m off to a great start. It was a long time coming and we all knew it. In fact, when I sent my termination letter their response was, “I’m sorry to see you go, but we understand”. Well, of course you do. You know damn well you haven’t done ANYTHING, including simple tasks as responding to my email(s). This was their 2nd “trial period warning” after not talking to them for over a year. Our newfound “relationship” only started a few months ago. Here’s how this story goes.

The day started like any other day, woke up, had breakfast, and I was messing around on Facebook. Then, I get this random phone call from an unknown number coming from Gardena (I don’t know many people in Gardena).

“This is she, may I ask who’s speaking”
“This is your manager *****, how are you doing?”

“I’m good how are you? Wait, who is this?”
“Your manager, I have an audition for you”

Ugh, What? Last time I checked I was unrepresented. And all of this past year or so I thought I was unrepresented. Why? Because I haven’t talked to or heard from them in almost a year! I understand all relationships are a two way street, but they never responded to ME. I am like this with many people in my life. If I continuously call, text, email, facebook, whatever to get a hold of you, and you still don’t respond, at all - ever - I will eventually stop trying to keep in communication with you.

I feel like if they really wanted and were deserving of my 10%, they should have at least responded/contacted me sooner. Now, I realize that I’m not the only person on their roster, but they claimed to have been submitting me this whole time. If that were the case, then why haven’t I gotten a single audition from them within that year. I’ve gotten plenty on my own.

This random phone call from them, blew my mind! It really had been a LONG time since I spoke to them. I heard from them in October 2013 when I was in China, but this phone call was mid May 2014! Before October, it was many many months before. They were never curious about my whereabouts? What I was doing or if I was still acting. Why would they even want to keep someone on their roster who wasn’t staying in contact? I guess since I never officially sent a departing email, we were still “connected”. Ok, my fault.

A big part of me felt like this phone call was fate and the universes way of telling me to give it another shot. So I did, and then I realized it was officially time to move on once and for all.



If you were wondering how that audition went, here’s another story for you. I walk in the audition room with my sides ready and prepared. I read my first line and I’m waiting for the reader to read for the other character. What I didn’t understand from the email that production sent, is that they wanted me to read for both parts! Cool right? Well, what they really meant is that they wanted me to read for both the same time!!! What? That’s crazy. The director literally said to me, “act like you’re a little kid playing with a doll. Use different voices for each character”. So, I did it as best as I could. Didn’t get the part, but at least it serves as an interesting story, right?