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Dance-tress Acting Up: Breast Matter

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Now that I have your attention, please read.

Pictures, classes, auditions, workshops, pictures, classes, auditions, workshops is just the everyday norm of an actor in Los Angeles. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily hustle that we forget what is really important. For many that is family, happiness, and health.

As usual, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed the other day and I came across a GoFundMe from one of my old dance friends. We danced together in college as well as on stage at Disneyland. Nothing kills me more than curiosity, so I clicked on the page and my jaw just about dropped to the floor. My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. The procedure that she would have to undergo could prevent her from having children of her own. Therefore, the GoFundMe page was set up so that she could crowd fund to have her eggs frozen.

This hit me pretty hard.  I can't even tell you the last time I had a doctors appointment. Just until this year I was without insurance. There is no difference between her and I. This could be me. Doesn't matter how old you are or your level of fitness, this can happen to anybody at any time.

First thing I did was make a donation. Second thing I did was ask her if it was ok to write about it in this blog. Third thing I did was make an appointment to have a physical. For those of you who like to hate on Obama care, think again. Yours truly is very grateful for it as well as the many other people who deserve healthcare. Not only in this business do we have to stick together, but life in general. It's hard enough, I can't imagine doing it alone.

So next time your studying lines remember to take a break and be thankful for all of the wonderful things that you have. Life can change at any minute. If you are interested in making a donation, or even help spread the word, everything is appreciated.

*The next day my coworker announced her stage 2 malignant melanoma. Have I proved my point yet? Classes are important, but so is your health. Don't forget about mental health. Feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed? Take a break. You deserve it. 

See you next week on "Mingle Monday"

Dance-tress Acting Up: Tips from a Casting Director

Hey kids!


You guys, I am so excited to share this weeks blog with you. I want to talk about a seminar I went to the other day, "Self- Management for Actors", hosted by multi-hyphenated writer/casting director/producer Bonnie Gillespie. First of all, it was FREE! Um, what? Nothing is free, but here was Bonnie taking 2 hours out of her day to share boat loads of information with everyone. Why, because she genuinely wants to help, and I believe her. I can't even find a free few minutes to make AND eat a sandwich. living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs.

It was also exciting to see the person whose blogs I've been following for a while now. A real person exists! Did I mention, she's hilarious. So, not only was I able soak up a ton of free information, I got in a few good laughs as well.

While standing on the side of an over packed theater, I had this interesting "deja future" (er?) sort of moment. I felt like I was watching my future self chatting it up on stage to an eager audience full of actors. Is that creepy? I don't know, but I felt as though I caught a glimpse of what my life will be like in another 15 years or so. She started out as an actress, then ventured into writing and eventually into casting. Well, that sounds semi familiar already. She has also written a few books and you guys know about me and my bucket list, that's #51. 

Because yours truly is also here to help, I want to share with you some of the things that caught my attention. The very first thing I have written down on my handy dandy notepad is "LA starts with a 'YES' ". What does that mean exactly? It means that everyone who wants to pursue a career in entertainment can pursue it. Everyone is welcome. It's up to you to put all of the puzzle pieces together. Are you willing to make a few sacrifices? Are you persistent? If you believe you can, you can. Hallelujah! 

Our main focus was on the 4 steps every actor should follow.

1) Branding- Who are you? What is your type? How do other people see you? For example, if you are normally percieved as "snotty and upper class", then own it. Rock your type and be damn good at it. Don't try and stretch to something that you're not. Be you. She said that if you're, "always type cast as the b* that check".  If not, I'll cash it for you :)

2) Targeting- There are approximately 600 casting directors JUST in Los Angeles. Not everyone will specialize in your type. So, make a target list.

3) Creating your own content- Oh snap, I'm already there. Did you get a chance to check out my latest music video?  

I know, I know. Another shameless self promotion, but hey, I'm SO close to reaching my goal of 1k views. Then, one million :) Ain't no thang.

4) Pitching- Yeah, this one can be tough. How do you sell yourself? This is not the time to be modest. This is your chance to brag and share your talents with the world. Obviously don't be over the top with it, but if you don't talk about it, nobody knows. Maybe one day I'll have those mind reading powers, but for now, speak up!

Hopefully this will help give you a good map to follow. For more details, you can always follow her on her website. Carry on my friends, until next time!