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Feel the Pulse


Immerse yourself in the world of your own artistry with a reel that echoes every vibrant pulse of your heart.  Feel this energy as it rushes through you, and express it to the world.

At its finest, your reel is a concise illumination of the artistic choices you make when everything goes right.  It is an artform subject to the strange and wondrous currents of life that shift because you grow, because you are always adding more material to your portfolio, and because you will send your reel to different kinds of people with conflicting opinions about what your reel should contain.  The format can in some cases be rigid and important to follow, but is often as malleable as your imagination can make it.

Your reel is a glimpse.  It is intended to be brief, and when successful should leave you wishing you had made it longer.  As you collect all the tapes, videos, DVDs, thoughts, ideas, and hopes that pertain to your reel, you should appreciate how vast a story they truly tell.  You, as an artist, are a creative individual with a past, a present, and a future, and contained within your plan for your reel lies the DNA for a small presentation of that future that clarifies where you are headed while leaving space for unending possibility and openness to collaboration.  Your job is to find that DNA and string it together properly.