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Dance-tress Acting Up: #LikeaGirl

In honor, of this past weekend's Super Bowl, I am going to write this awesome blog, #LikeaGirl. During the highly anticipated commercial breaks, Always (don't freak out- tampon/pad brand) featured a commercial of what the stereotype of being a female is like, and how it became a "bad thing" to be a girl. By the end of the commercial, there was a young girl who shared her untarnished idea of how to run like a girl.  Her answer was "as fast as you can" as opposed to the frilly wimpy response that came from the teenagers and adults. She represented strength, power, and fearlessness and that's what being a female is all about. Males too. We just have to get the rest of the world on board. Women are often overlooked, not taken seriously, and underpaid. It's 2015, how does this still happen?

Fortunately for me, I was raised by a feminist. Now, lets talk about that. Since when did the word "feminist" become a negative term that is associated with man hating? Last time I checked, it stood for equality. My mother never told me that I shouldn't do something because "I was a girl". In fact, she encouraged me in sports and never once told me or my sister to stop climbing the trees because "only boys do that". We're all kids at one time, why do things change as we get older?
I was never taught to "play my role" and be a trophy wife. If that's what you want, then that's cool, but it's not for me. I don't need to look perfect every time I step out of the house. I don't need flashy name brand clothes to seek approval from my peers. Actually, I rarely ever match. Perhaps, I take this one a little bit too far sometimes. I don't need to hide when I want to stuff my face with a bag of cookies because it's not "lady like". Guys don't, and we all know cookies are delicious. When I need to be professional and get something done, I do it. And I do it well, just like every other successful person.

I never realized my gender struggled so much with opportunities until I moved to Los Angeles and began my career in entertainment. Turn on the TV, watch a commercial, look at the billboards, I guarantee you will see far more males dominating the TV than females. Open up a magazine, and I can assure you there are probably some awful pictures and gossip about an actress with a headline that reads something similar to this, "Fat, wrinkles, no make-up, oh my". Think of an actor, now try and think of a time when you saw his private areas on the screen. Now swap it, how many times have you seen a naked, semi nude, in lingerie or fully topless female on your TV? Eh? Got you thinking now, don't I? Trust me, there is nothing wrong with the human body, I love my body and being sexy, but there are a lot of other AMAZING qualities that we females possess. I know I would personally love to see more of it on TV.

Entertainment plays a big role in our society. I feel pretty confident that if there were stronger female roles portrayed all over our media, things would begin to start changing. It would take time, but people are inspired by what they see and hear. If you are constantly being told you can't do something, then you're probably going to start to believe it. If you only see women in roles as mistress', secretaries, one night stands, the "party girl" then what would inspire young girls to think they can one day be as successful as their male counterparts who are portrayed as lawyers, presidents and CEO's?

Check out these movie posters. Lots of opportunities there. Are you sensing my sarcasm? These are just a few examples, and I'm not saying that female opportunities don't exists, but we can still aim to do better and achieve more, for everybody.

CONGRATS to Always and Procter and Gamble for paying, probably millions, to have this #LikeaGirl campaign play during one of the biggest male dominated sports days in America. That's some smart, clever marketing right there. They KNOW people are sitting around waiting to watch these commercials. Good work, we have your attention now.

Hello, World!


Dance-tress Acting Up: Twitter

Am I bugging you with all of these extra pictures and posts lately on social media? I sincerely apologize. It's very annoying, I agree, but it's something I, unfortunately, have to do. Now, I know what you're thinking, you don't "have" to do anything, but I do, here's why. Social media is a huge marketing tool, we all know this, but now casting breakdowns are starting to ask you how many followers you have and how many views and subscribers you have on your channels.

Yup, its true. As if it is not already hard enough to break into the industry, now I have to have "X" amount of followers on top of it? I wish this wasn't true, but that would be a lie. In fact, I was having this conversation the other day with an actress friend of mine, and she was telling me that she had just lost a role to someone who had more YouTube followers than her. To make matters worse, this person had NO prior acting experience. They had not spent countless hours studying the art, ridiculous amounts of money taking classes, updating reels and head shots,  they just had more YouTube followers? Are you kidding me? Not only is this offensive and frustrating, but this is simply lazy casting and filmmaking.

The reason for casting these people is simple, they come with a built in audience. If you cast them, chances of them posting the project on their page is very likely, there fore, chances of your project getting a buzz is much greater than casting just a "regular" actress. Ok, in a sense, I understand the reasoning, but come on! It's hard enough to get an audition, now this additional factor is just ridiculous. If said person is an actor who just happens to have a ton of viewers, than great, I'm a little more ok with this new concept. But someone with no previous desire to act, is just plain annoying. 

So, whats a girl to do? Play the game of course, three times a day, 3pm, 6 pm and 9pm. I met a lovely gal a few weeks ago who has over 200k and she gave me the scoop. If you post on Instagram it will link directly to your Facebook and twitter. It's that "easy". It's actually a little obnoxious (in my opinion) to post that much, but its working. I've been getting several new followers a week. More followers= more views on my video = bigger audience and my own build in fan base :) Psh, by that time, who knows, I may not even need these other castings because I will have my own paying projects to work on. 

Along with the pay to play casting directors workshops, I don't think these specific casting requirements will be going away anytime soon. Our industry is always evolving and this is just another step one must try and conquer. Good luck to all, and #followme I'll follow you back.


Dance-tress Acting Up: Hustle

I've been so behind lately. Not with my every day errands or work, but just with my blog writings and editing. Nobody has ever pressured me or anything like that, but it still bugs me to be "behind". I am not a procrastinator. I am a hardworking perfectionist who is absolutely obsessive about getting things done. I love being busy. I have a list of shorts, scenes, sketches, and photo shoots that I have already started piecing together. None of these self created projects have a deadline, but in my brain, they need to be completed NOW. 

I love it, but I am exhausted and it's only January. Perhaps, its my own fault. I didn't quite take a break over the holidays. In fact, the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year in entertainment land. I filmed an episode of my web series, "12 TeEn", wrote a blog or two, had several dance shows, and of course my regular j.o.b.

One of the things I think a lot of people don't really realize, is that pursuing a career in the arts is essentially like taking on another full time job, only you are not getting paid for it. You should be working on your free career as much as possible so that one day, you will be getting paid for it. Many suggest spending at least an hour a day working towards your ideal career, whether it be taking a class, learning an accent, networking, branding, producing your own work, etc. Ever heard the saying, "it's not a sprint, it's a marathon"? 

Well, let me tell you, I have been sprinting during this marathon and I am officially pooped. The problem is, it is so difficult for me to justify taking a break when I know time is passing me by and I am nowhere close to where I want to be. Well, I am getting there, but there is still a lot of work to put in. Am I the only one that feels like this? I understand that timing is everything, but it's just hard to sit back, and take a vacation, when you haven't had a single acting audition since November. Maybe even before that. And yes, I do submit myself EVERY day and several times throughout the day. How is this possible, I have no idea. 

I know plenty of people who are fortunate enough to work very little their day job (parental assistance or they were awesome and booked that big national commercial) or who can regularly afford to go on vacations and see their families, but that is not me. I believe my motivation and determination will one day surpass and conquer. Right now, opportunities are not knocking at my door, so it's time for me to suck it up, and get back to my hustle. And let me tell you folks, my hustle is good. Really good. "Diva is a female version of a hustla" - Thanks Beyonce.

Remember a few blogs ago, I mentioned that my friend and I were talking about something, probably the business, my back or computer issues, and she said to me, "you are not a victim", well this is now something I have to tell myself on a regular basis. There is a path and plan for everyone. Hard work never disappears. 

For now, I have to get ready for work. And I've already started season 2 of "12 TeEn". Enjoy. 

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Dance-tress Acting Up: My Bucket List

Have an idea? Write it down. Have a goal? Write it down. And that is what I do on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. I make short term goal lists as well as long term. And then, of course, I have the big one, my bucket list. I know a lot of people are against bucket lists because "it's not like you're dying", but I am a really big fan of them.

I made my bucket list a few years ago after watching the MTV show, "Buried Life: What do you want to do before you die?". I found it inspiring, and I know that I have plenty of years ahead of me, but nothing is guaranteed and I think by now we know how fast time can fly by. So, I made my list and included my top travel destinations (this area of my list needs some new checks asap), my long term goals, small things I've always wanted to do just never "had time", local beaches and museums, foods I wanted to try, etc. Your list can be anything. Surprisingly I only had 88 things on my list. Everything else is a bonus. 

Now time for the "goals" list. I sometimes call them little errands, but they are the little steps I need to get done in order to make the bigger list a little easier. For example, I wanted to get new representation, but before I started making phone calls I wanted to get new pictures. Before I got new pictures, I wanted to get a new haircut. In order to set up my head shot session, I had to make sure that I had budgeted correctly so that I wouldn't show up to my head shot session stressing out about how I was going to cover for all of these expenses. All of this was most likely written down. 

I don't think there is anything wrong with making a daily "to do" list. The quicker I can get my personal errands done, the faster I can get to editing a project or writing a new sketch. Maybe you have always wanted to write a short? Or take some new promotional pictures, write it down. Once you have written it down. Email it to yourself. Print it out and post it somewhere you are likely to look on a regular basis. 

If I write my list down in a notebook then that's where it will stay, in the notebook.  It's not because I don't want to accomplish theses goals, but life moves so quickly and I will probably get caught up in something else. If you have it in a place where you can see it, you're more likely to look at it be reminded that a certain workshop that you have been wanting to take is approaching or a self made deadline is coming up and it's time for you to get to work, ASAP.

Not to mention, it feels pretty stinkin awesome to make a check off that list. Or for those things you would like to continue doing, you can always color coordinate it. Every so often I print out new lists and color some things in either red or blue. Red means it is something that I did once and I don't really care to do, and blue means that I have done it and I would like to continue doing it. For me, donating blood is written in blue letters. 

A new year is quickly approaching. It may be a good time for you to make a list of your own. Doesn't have to be big, and remember, you can make a new list any time. Hope you had a wonderful 2014. Let's bring in a positive new year!