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Dance-tress Acting Up: Self Promotion

Good Morning, World!


Congratulations Actor! You've taken your career into your own hands. You made your first project and it took a great deal of bravery and guts to jump into a whole new ball game. Ah, where do I start? I've never done this before? I don't have any behind the camera skills, but you spent countless hours of your own free time studying this new beast. The feeling of completing a new project is ugh-mazing. It feels like Christmas morning and you know the gift you've been begging for is under the tree just waiting to be opened. You can't wait to share your success with everyone. Your project is complete, now you're done, time to take a nap and go about the rest of your days. comes the fun part, promoting.

So, you share it with your friends and family. Maybe you post it on Facebook once or twice. But, the struggle is, not everybody gets online everyday, so perhaps those people will never see it. Or, so many other people have made posts within that hour, your project may get lost in the crowd. 

Let's remember the blog I posted a few weeks ago when I talked about how casting directors cast people who have a strong following. A low view count on a video means you are not getting seen, therefore, you're still not building a following. If you are just looking for new reel footage, or to practice a character, then great, but you will not be "discovered" by someone just randomly deciding to click on your video. 

Here's what I have been doing. Has it been working, yes, maybe, I think so, I don't know. I have linked my twitter and Facebook together so that I don't have to post on each site. I can post whatever I want to twitter and it will automatically post on Facebook. BAM, its that easy. I have also been scoping out people who may have an interest in my video and sharing it with them. For me, it's people who enjoy comedy, women film makers, actor friends/non friends, people who I have donated to their projects, people who have supported me, and to be honest, when someone I don't know randomly send me a direct message asking if I can vote for them in a contest, I reply with a "sure, can you retweet this video for me?" and then the favor has been returned. You know what else is kind of cool, because I have been posting so often friends who I haven't spoken to in years have seen my video, commented, and even helped me on my mission to reach X amount of followers by sharing it on their pages. Because of that, I have also been extended into their network of friends and gaining new followers. How cool is that? 

On the flip side, posting the same video every so often, many people can consider this spamming. They may even block you. So, I'm reaching out. What do you do to market yourself and your videos? How do you share it with like minded people and people who you believe would be a part of your audience? Help me, help you, GO!

Dance-tress Acting Up: Focus On Your Strengths


Well ladies and gentlemen, it finally hit me. I’ve always known it, but it has never been so clear to me until now. In order to be successful, one must focus on your strengths! Find your type! I finally know what that means. Some people catch on to this quickly, but when you’re attention is spread out all over the place, its hard to see what is right in front of you. It feels like the golden moment has arrived and my path has been paved so clearly I can see it. Now, all I have to do is follow the steps.

I was filming a monologue today for Darwin as a new template for one of his reel packages. It was a semi dramatic scene, but it took me a while to get where I really needed to be. I call this my running start. I’ll do 3 or 4 mediocre takes that I know are just not there yet. It doesn’t feel right to me and I haven't settled into the role. Or, I can’t remember my lines. This is probably the reason why I struggle with auditions- you only get one shot!

The drive home was quick, but I was replaying the whole morning in my head. It suddenly became so clear to me, I’m a really good comedic actor. It’s easier for me and I have more fun with it. That’s the route I need to really focus on. I will be great on a sitcom, and let’s be real, every time I write a scene for one of my own projects it always ends up comedic. So, instead of trying to be a Kate Winslet right now, why don't I just focus on becoming fantastic at comedy. I could be your go to girl, your Zoey Deschanel. Your adorkable new girl. I believe the work will come when your GOOD. Really good. 


That will be my new focus. I will be getting my butt into an improv class. My new pictures will be bright and cheery,  maybe even some quirky looks. The casting director workshops I attend will be geared towards people who cast sitcoms. Now that I had this wonderful moment of clarity, I know which direction I want to go. This is not to say I won't be doing all kinds of acting, just a more clear focus. 

*Pictures are screen shots from some of my sketches. It's always a good day when you can make yourself laugh :) *

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