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Dance-tress Acting Up: My Dancing Career

Good, golly, gosh, I've been so busy and blessed with so many jobs lately I wasn't sure when I was going to have a break. I have had more dance opportunities now that I have "retired" my dancing career, then when I was actively pursuing it. Funny how things work out. Everything was all hunky dory, until Monday happened.

Here's what went down Monday. I slept in, and it felt AWESOME. I had just finished a weekend of work, then a show Sunday night. Not a single ounce of pain. The idea didn't even cross my mind. I got up, did some dishes, put my tamales in the microwave and went back into my room to get my phone. I sat down to check a message and then BAM, it happened! I was stuck. I couldn't stand back up. I thought I was in the midst of a back spasm and it would pass within a few seconds. That's what normally happens. The only problem was that this wasn't going away. I couldn't move without excruciating pain. Three minutes went by and I was still curled up in fetal position on my bed. This wasn't going away and it hurt too bad to get up or roll over. All I really wanted was my breakfast. Well, and to carry on with my day off.

About 30 minutes passed and I was still stuck in the same position. I crawled on my hands and knees back into the kitchen to get my food, then called my boyfriend up to come help me. "Help, I've fallen and I can't get back up!", yup, that was me.

Unfortunately, this type of pain isn't new to me. I've been through this before with a slipped disc in my lumbar and it knocked me off my feet for six months. Can you imagine all of the exaggerated thoughts going through my head at this moment?

-I'll never be able to walk again

-What if the pain travels down to my toes and I won't be able to move my legs. 

-Could this lead to paralysis?

-I'm going to need a surgery I can't afford

-If I can't walk, how will I work and make money? How will pay my rent? I'll get evicted

This my friends, was the main reason why I decided to transition 100% into my acting career. What if this happens 20 years from now and my only source of income was from dancing? I would have some serious physical and financial problems. So, I turned to my back up plan, acting :)

Now, a few days later, I am able to stand up straight and walk, but still with a little pain. My boyfriend was kind enough to take care of me and baby me as I cried my eyes out for the remainder of Monday. My MRI is scheduled for next week, and hopefully this will be over with soon. In the meantime, caring less about my dance career has landed me with more dance jobs than ever before. If I stop pursuing acting, will a series regular role on TV just fall into my lap? guess we'll never know.

Your's truly at 8 years old. No big deal at the time. In fact, I thought it was easy.


This next photo here was maybe two years ago. And this is a special picture to me, because I knew that this was going to be the very last time I would ever do this move. I'm lucky enough to have had photographer Federico Mata take it for me. 

*Note* A week later and I feel GREAT. Once again, back to normal and no pain. Results from my MRI are to come. Maybe it'll will give me a better idea of what triggered it or how to prevent it from happening again.