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King Raam Tears It Up At Narnack Records

King Raam hails from a country few of us have ever been to, much less wish to visit. Here's your chance to hear it straight from the mouth of someone who lives there, touching on the realities and misconceptions of what it is like to be a musician from one of the most reviled countries in the world.

King Raam live in the Narnack Studios for the premier segment of Narnack Sessions. Narnack Sessions are live, in-studio performances from visiting artists. The goal of Narnack Sessions is to highlight the live sound of the artists in the acoustical space of the studio. We aim to capture this creative collaboration in film and audio, as well as including interviews, offering a unique perspective into the minds of the artists. -for more info, contact us here: © ℗ 2015 Narnack Records. All rights Reserved. 2684 Lacy St. Unit 207 Los Angeles CA 90031