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Dance-tress Acting Up: You're beautiful

I want to talk about an audition I went to the other day. Not so much the audition itself, but the people I saw at the audition. My goal is to never offend anyone or to throw anybody under the bus, but these thoughts have been in my mind for a little while now. I might as well share them.

As you know, I stopped pursing dance last year. Oddly enough, dance jobs and dance auditions have been falling in my lap more than ever before. Of course, I'm not going to say no, but I am definitely more cautious with what I accept and audition for. With a back like mine, it's just not worth injuring again for an audition that you may not even book.

Any ways, I had the opportunity to audition for this burlesque group a few weeks ago. They were casting for an upcoming show in Long Beach. I am rarely ever late, but I ended up parking across the street and very deep into a neighborhood. This can be common for auditions in Los Angeles, so beware and GET THERE EARLY. Whoops. I was still on time, just not early as I had planned. 

I admit, I was a little nervous since the audition was held at a well known dance studio in North Hollywood. In my mind, that meant that it was going to be a bigger audition, with more skilled dancers in attendance. Once I walked through the door, I was surprised at what I saw.

1) it was one of the smallest studios I have ever auditioned in. Or, taken class

2) there had to be maybe 15 girls max in the room

3) this wasn't your typical dance audition of well trained young dancers straight out of high school. These were women. Fit, but with developed bodies.

The thing that caught my eye was that the older the dancer, the more the plastic surgery she appeared to have. I promise, I am not trying to be an awful person, but it just didn't look natural. At all. They were not trained dancers either. The whole audition itself confused me a little bit. I had to remind myself that the audition came from Actors Access, and not LA Casting, which seems to be a more variety of work, in my opinion at least. As we began the audition, I was convinced I had this job in the bag. It was a simple combination, and I ROCKED it. Then, I was sent home. Hm, now back to the real subject I wanted to talk about.

What is it that would have lead these women to alter themselves so much. Perhaps it could it be years and years of having the door closed in your face? Audition after audition of hearing "NO"? It makes me sad that someone could dislike themselves so much that they would want to completely change who they are.

I have to admit, I understand where they are coming from. It does get very difficult hearing "thank you for coming" and "you're just not what were looking for" over and over again. After a while you start to think that there is something wrong with you. Maybe if I just change this little thing right here, then my chances will be much better and I'll start hearing a "YES". If that doesn't work, then you change something else, when in reality, you were fine they way you were in the first place.

Truth is, maybe you really weren't right for the part. The writer may have had a certain look in mind, and didn't want to change the vision. Or simply, they wanted to cast a friend or someone with a bigger name. You just don't know.

There are so many wonderful talented people all competing for the few roles that are available. What I'm trying to say is, you HAVE to be mentally strong for this business. There is NOTHING wrong with YOU. Not everyone is going to play the bombshell or vixen, so don't make that your ultimate goal. Audience want to be sucked into a story and see a real person. There just aren't enough parts for everyone, unless you create them yourself. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle. You are beautiful my friends. And as cliche as this is, real beauty comes from within. Until next time :)

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