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In the News: World Premiere For Mannequin Dreams at London Short Film Festival

London's wintry weather was mercifully tame as we made our way past Buckingham Palace to where Mannequin Dreams was screening - The Institute of Contemporary Art, tucked away in a corner of The Mall of London a block away.  It had rained pretty consistently the prior day, so I was thankful to have a respite in the precipitation in anticipation of the event.

The venue was packed with talent.  The screening was grouped into a category called "A Musical Box", and consisted of a variety of unique uses of music and sound.  From dancing shamans to musical boxers, the visuals were of an aesthetic that could tilt the mind up to the stars and beyond.

Some examples of the other films...

I felt humbled at the recognition that Mannequin Dreams got.  It was a beautiful evening, and I'm immensely thankful to Linda Privè, Austin Altman, Tim Baldon, Stephen Folden, my aunt, uncle, and cousin Adelaide for letting me stay in their house, and my loving parents for supporting me in this endeavor.  For a tiny little film made on a near-$0 budget, we held up pretty well against the other films in competition.

Mannequin Dreams