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Dance-tress Acting Up: The Power of Positivity

Oh wow, who is this girl that just came from out of nowhere. What an over night success! Not! It is likely that most of these people (actors, filmmakers, whoever) have been playing this game for many years now. When I say game, that is exactly what I mean, game.  They were at one time in the same position as myself. Working many jobs, trying to make connections, taking classes, hoping to get an audition that could potentially “change their lives”. This journey is not always easy, but it’ll keep you on your toes.

I’ve always said, “I can’t wait to see where my friends will be in another 10 years.” You just never know where everyone will be and I find it so exciting. You have to remember that a lot of the well known directors and producers are in their 40’s and up. Even a lot of TV stars are older. Well, except for the ABC family, Disney, CW crowd.

Social media like Instagram and Facebook are a great way to keep and touch and watch friends grow. People don’t hold back on sharing their accomplishments - and why should they? I admit, when you’re having a rough time in life it can be difficult to see other people's pictures from set or audition brags.  One has to remember that we all have our ups and downs and you must ALWAYS keep on swimming.

So, this blog is a shout out to all of my friends who keep on striving towards success.  Keep on booking your jobs! Keep on supporting your friends! Keep on making your own projects! Keep on, keep on! All of these small steps will one day add up, but you must remain persistent. One more thing I’d like to remind us all is that we have to stick together…teamwork makes the dream work. Ha, cheesy I know, but it’s true! If one succeeds, then we all succeed.  If you know of an audition or a job that you can’t do or you’re not right for, go on and pass it to a friend! I promise it’ll come back around. Don’t be shy now and keep me updated on you’re success!