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Dance-tress Acting Up: Insecurities

For me, life is a mental game. It always has been. If I don’t stay positive, it’s very easy for me to start twisting things around and start thinking negative thoughts.

One of the reason I like my acting class so much is because everyone else in the class is SO talented. I believe that if I can hang in a class with them long enough, I will be at their level one of these days. Hopefully sooner than later. I would say about ¾ of the “students” are working actors booking guest stars and co-starring roles. I’m one of the younger people in my class, but I love learning from others experiences.

On the other hand, it can also make me feel incredibly untalented and insecure. Especially when I don’t have a great performance day and I have to follow a group that had a killer performance. After each scene, the class is allowed to comment and make suggestions. Of course these are all positive and meant for growth, but sometimes the body language, silence, and expression on your classmates faces can make you think crazy things.

Fear - Sarah Mclachlan

“Damn, do I suck?”

“Am I an embarrassment to the class?”

“Do I bring the level down?”

“This must be the reason I don’t book”

“Maybe I should go back to school and do something else?”

I’m one of those people that love a good sugar coating, but I really doubt my talent sometimes. I would hope that if I am truly awful someone will tell me the truth, and not spare my feelings.

I think that this is a common fear of many people who live in LA. When you first move here, you think getting on TV or being movies will be easy for you and “just happen”. Everybody feels that way. Nobody every really understand just how many people living here in Los Angeles are actors, singers, writers, etc. This pond is huge and you really are just a little fishy. Some of these people have been training and doing theater since they learned to speak. I never even started until a few years ago, and until this year, I never took class consistently. It’s really easy to slip up and think that you are so far behind, you’re never going to catch up, so you might as well just go home now. BUT, you have to remember that you are YOU. You may have some amazing quality that the world is waiting to discover. What about all those silly special skills that you have? What about your charming smile or quirky laugh? Perfection isn’t really what gets you noticed.

I can’t remember which actor said it, but they said something along the lines of persistence is the key. When all of the half ass lazy actors leave and go back home, he will still be here. And so will I kids! ;) I just have to remember that classes are meant for LEARNING, making mistakes, and trying new things.

As a former competitive gymnast/dancer, I will be sharing with you my journey as I transition into acting full time. I want to share my experiences and hopefully give you insight and tips on some things that I wish someone would have told me BEFORE I moved to California to start my journey. Some times, you have to live to learn, but always remember that you're already living the dream. - Caslin Rose