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Dance-tress Acting Up: What Is the Secret?


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? The world may never know. We may also never know what it takes to “make it” in this business. Is it a specific talent or look? Or is it solely connections? What it is?

This brings me to a casting notice that was sent to me by a friend. Her friend was in need of an actress who can dance and do stunts. He was looking for someone who would be able to pull off the stunt choreography with fluid movement (most likely why they were looking for a dancer). There would also be a sword fight.

Goodness gracious, my first reaction was, “I’m perfect for this”. I’ve dance professionally, I’ve done gymnastics since I was 2, I have stunt experience, AND I have even performed an entire sword fight in front of a live audience two times a day for an entire month. I think I’ve got this. Game over. Job in the bag.

I emailed pictures, my resume, all of my reels as well as a link to my website within minutes of me hearing about the casting. He responded right away saying that he will forward everything to the director of the film, and that they will let me know that night if they are interested or not. Well, it is a few days later and I haven’t heard a thing. I understand that emailing everyone back would be time consuming and probably annoying. Receiving feedback/response with a “no” or “sorry” is a rare thing. Most of the time you don’t hear anything and are left to wonder for days until you forget about it. But to be honest, I convinced myself that I would definitely be getting a meeting or audition right away. It’s not that I feel entitled, but I can do everything they were asking for with ease. I have reels to prove it.

So this brings me back to my question, what is it? What are they really looking for? If I didn’t get this job, who did? What is it that caught their attention? Maybe the project fell through? Or maybe they wanted a male instead? Or possibly someone who doesn’t have as much experience so they can train them fresh, instead of trying to break old habits. Looks like we’ll just never know.

Wait, is it because I don’t have a six-pack?

***I would also like to take a quick second to thank my friends who pass and share castings they stumble upon. I always feel like if I don’t get the job, I would rather one of my friends do. 1) Because that’s awesome 2) keeping it in the family 3) I would hope that they keep me in mind when something pops up again.