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Dance-tress Acting Up: Welcome to My Brain


Hey awesome people,

Welcome to my brain. I am a dance-tress. That is dancer/actress for those that may be confused. This is the first year that I will be putting dance on the sidelines and acting up front. It’s time to focus primarily on ONE thing, and not 2,000 different things at once.

Anyways, I was scoping out model mayhem looking to get some new pictures done when I came across Darwin’s post. He was looking for actors who would be interested in writing a weekly blog. That’s me! Fast forward a few days later, I met up with Darwin to discuss life, this crazy business, and what I would want to talk about. I had planned on writing my first blog about my upcoming acting workshops, but since Mothers day just passed, I got side tracked with another topic- sacrifice.

How much is sacrifice worth?

I grew up in Texas while most of my family is in New York. We saw our relatives once a year during Christmas time or sometimes twice a year or every other year. It wasn’t always easy to save up for a whole family to travel, or to get time off of work. Now that I’m older living on my own here in Los Angeles, my parents now live in New York and my sister lives all the way in Germany. Yes, this makes it even more difficult to spend time with one another. But I am an actress. Ugh, I am a struggling actress. I don’t make Scarlett Johansson kind of paychecks. In fact, most of my acting jobs (far and few in between) are no/low pay. That’s another topic in itself. When I am able to save up a little bit, that extra money normally goes towards head shots, workshops, classes, etc...This list could go on and on.

So when do I go home? Still, maybe once or twice a year. Airlines definitely don’t cater to those who chose the arts as their career choice. I miss out on a lot of family events- weddings, births, family dinners, birthdays, and unfortunately even some funerals. Sometimes these things really hurt, other times, I try and put it in the “sacrifice” section in my brain. It would be nearly impossible to go back and forth as often as I’d like while attempting to climb up this unknown ladder.

I chose to stay here and sacrifice those special moments. I need to succeed in my art. My dream is to send my whole family on a giant well deserved vacation. I would love to send my little baby cousins through college. Hopefully one day, they will understand why I was never around. Or why they don’t really know anything about me or vice versa.

The park.

The park.

This is my sacrifice as I lay there (alone at the park) on Mothers day learning some lines. Preparing for my upcoming workshop to be more specific. It was hard not getting distracted watching family’s gather for picnics and games. In a business that is built upon nepotism, luck, and networking, there really is o say as to whether or not these sacrifices will ever be worth it. But I have to remain positive and optimistic. I consider myself so lucky to have found something I love so much and want to do for the rest of my life. Not everyone can say that.

Keep on swimming my friends :)

As a former competitive gymnast/dancer, I will be sharing with you my journey as I transition into acting full time. I want to share my experiences and hopefully give you insight and tips on some things that I wish someone would have told me BEFORE I moved to California to start my journey. Some times, you have to live to learn, but always remember that you're already living the dream. - Caslin Rose