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Dance-tress Acting Up: Inspiration

Creation stems from inspiration. There are certain moments that can change your life and make you think or feel a certain way. These are the moments that take me to a place of imagination and wonder. These are the stories I want to tell and the characters I want to create.

I had one of those moments tonight while leaving a friends show in Santa Monica. She is a member of the dance group I just joined and was debuting her solo number at a bar on 4th street. On the way back to my car I stopped to take a picture of all the lights and holiday decorations on the promenade. What caught my attention was a group of people gathered around an older gentleman wearing a cowboy hat and an American flag right behind him. He had his guitar in his hands singing Leonard Cohen's most famous song, "Hallelujah". 

Since I still had plenty of time at my parking meter, I figured I might as well join the small crowd and hang out for a song or two. When I got there, I felt as though he was singing directly for me. Yes, I know it was a public place and there were others around, but it was that moment in your life where you know you're at the right place at the right time. Within minutes I found myself fighting back tears. It was then that I realized that he actually was singing directly towards me. I felt his eye contact. There was that moment of understood connection. Not in a creepy perverted way, but an understanding of emotions/stories/life and in a sense, companionship.

Some may say I'm just "emotional", but it was a beautiful moment. It was cold, late at night, and pretty empty for a normally busy promenade. It was peaceful, yet inspiring. It made me feel like the world just stopped, and I was meant to chill out and enjoy the present. Not just to be alive, but to live. He had a story to tell. We all do. As a fellow artist, we take our story telling job very seriously. 

We all inspire each other whether we know it or not. I'm positive he had no idea I was going to write a whole blog about the way he made me feel. Or that I was going to send this video to my friend and she was also going to cry. I know from this moment, I want my audience to experience that exact feeling while watching one of my films one day. Maybe I've even inspired you to create your own blog or do whatever it is you want to do. But, for now, here is the video of what I am talking about. Enjoy, inspire, and create!

#Whoisthisguy? Anybody know him?