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Dance-tress Acting Up: Blacklisted

Blacklisted.  And I’m not talking about the TV show. We’ve all heard the term before and have probably all felt the fear. Nobody wants to be outcast and put under the table. Some don’t believe it is true, and others know first hand that it is absolutely true and it sucks. Here is the story of how my friend was blacklisted from one of the biggest casting agencies around. For now, we’ll call him Joe.

This friend of mine is an incredibly talented actor. So talented, that he books a new job practically ever week. I’m not exaggerating either. Start looking around for him and you’ll see him on the back of your cereal box or his commercial ads playing at the phone store. What happened to him could very well happen to anybody.

One lovely day, he had booked two jobs that were filming on the same day. One was a commercial and the other was a small part on a tv show. You obviously can’t do both at the same time, so he chose to do the commercial. It paid more and there would be residuals. For all of us struggling entertainers, seems to be a fair enough choice.

Turns out, the casting director was so annoyed/offended/something that he ended up black listing my friend from his office and every tv show that he casts. Joe knows this because this particular casting office is the only one in his area that he hasn’t been to in years. He is friends with all of the other offices and has worked with them several times. Even though his credits are worthy and his booking potential is high, they still won’t call him in.

This brings me to my own dilemma. I found out there is a music video being filmed THIS Thursday with one of my favorite artists by one of my favorite video directors. The artist is huge in Asia, but hasn’t made his US debut yet. Also, I am “friends” with the director on Facebook, but we have never actually met. I’m just a big fan. I found out about the video because I saw the breakdown on LACasting. And yes, I did submit.

I REALLY want to be in it. Should I take the “risk” and contact the casting director or director or let fate play its course? What if I was going to get booked in the first place, but because I called casting and they were in a horrible mood for whatever reason, blacklisted me! Some people say don’t call, others say do it. AH, this is a potentially scary thing because I really admire the director’s work and I wouldn’t want to risk the opportunity to collaborate with him on a professional level. Or, he could be incredibly flattered.

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