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Think of Yourself First Class

Acting is scary.  There is no one alive who would dispute that, you can be sure.  It can also be fun and exhilarating if you let it, but before you do that you have to see yourself in the right light.


Recently I took a flight across the country and got accidentally bumped up to First Class.  It was the first time I'd ever gotten an opportunity to upgrade to those vaunted seats at the front of the plane, and I'll admit to feeling a tad guilty that I hadn't really paid to be sitting next to the millionaire art dealer I befriended.  But the experience taught me something - just imagining that I was a First Class flyer made me believe that I did deserve to be up there, and it motivated me to a new level of self-confidence that I've sustained ever since.  Entertainers live on momentum, and my momentum lasted all the way off the plane and straight into this business.  It's a sense of achievement that we are drifting toward, which can be so very elusive in life.  The ringing of applause echoes forever in the mind of a performer, but in Los Angeles it's tough to summon that sense of momentum when you are so often standing in front of critical, disinterested casting agents and friends.

My message to you is to see yourself as a premium good that expects and deserves the best from everyone around you, including your boss and potential employers.  Everyone is walking into the future blind, and you can be a part of that future if you believe in your own potential.  Whether you're acting for an independent movie or auditioning alongside 600 people, never get duped into thinking that you're in coach.  Always think of yourself as though you're a First Class customer and expect the people in your life to treat you as such.  Obviously it's doing no one a favor to be demanding and petty, but always remember for your own benefit who you really are.  That would be a First Class Performer, of course. :)