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In the News: Darwin Carlisle Gets Interviewed by Saul Of-Hearts

Freelancing entrepreneur and friend of the company Saul Of-Hearts interviews CEO and Founder Darwin Carlisle about First Class reels.


Q: Can you tell us a little about how this project came about?  How were you making a living before First Class Reels, and what inspired you to try something different?
A: Prior to First Class Reels, I really was struggling to make a living.  Like many people my age, I hopped from temporary job to temporary job, unable to find consistent work.  My parents suggested going back to school.  I couldn't figure out what I could do to get out of my situation of chronic underemployment. 
Then my friend Gabriel Romero told me that he was supplementing his income doing actor reels, which I had never considered before.  If actors were willing to pay for a reel showcasing their strengths, I felt I could certainly apply my talents to that market.
I decided to combine all my separate endeavors into one business, and I discovered to my pleasant surprise that the demand for personal reels is actually quite extensive. 
Q: Was there a moment when it all clicked?
A: The most important moment probably came about a year ago when I got introduced to Raquel Rodriguez, an enormously gifted and passionate stylist looking for photographers with whom she could team up.  Our model Noémi Bodnár was an essential part of the team as well, and those two are largely responsible for the quality of the work I have been putting out all year.

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