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Making the Jump From Stasis to Movement

 One of the principle rules of film that helps to elevate the grand above the mediocre is movement.  Energy.  The creation of your image sweeping across the viewer's mind like a shooting star in the sky, a brief moment they can only glimpse but not capture.  Movement lightens the heart and connects the viewer to awe and enrichment.


How does movement affect your life?  Do you get out of your house much when you're not at work?  Would you describe your personality as one in motion, or are you enwrapped in stasis?  However you answer that, can you hold in your mind a sense of differentiating what constitutes a rush of adventure for you, and what constitutes holding back?  If so, can you envision a change that might project you out and away into the unknown with confidence and a sense of excitement?

You can bring a lift to those around you if you reach forward, engaging and beckoning the peers in your life to follow, bringing their own heart closer to the stars.  To create is to shed that which brings you stasis, that which holds you back. Set your sights on the furthest peak and let yourself grow angry for not having reached it, not because anger is good, but because anger is inevitable, and expressed in the constructive form of movement, can be the finest companion you have ever known.