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Link Arms With Your Fellow Creatives

I want you to join with me on a journey that will empower every individual to find a path to pure self-expression with all the joy, passion, and awe that comes with it.  This is no easy task, but our path is brightened by one inescapable truth that lives unwavering in the symmetry of the universe - that there is no future but our own, no direction to travel but up, and no choice before us but to be ourselves, as wondrously and as fully as we can.



It starts with letting go.  Let go of your fears, of your anxiety about who you are.  Let go of the weights that bind you down and tug at your ambition, pulling you away from the inescapable heights to which you can rise.  Let go of sadness and pain and heartbreak, for these realms of the mind lie in your future anyway, and you gain nothing by clinging to them.  Accept your journey and forgive yourself for walking it, for as an artist you must learn to thrive on the intrigue of the adventure itself.

Let go of disappointment in others.   Let go of competing against the world.  Accept only the most positive energy from the people around you, and filter out the rest.  Let yourself trust in the better nature of your enemies, and let go of the insatiable need to control their actions.  See empathy in anger and passion in fury, see intrigue in obstacles and infinite meaning in shadows.  Let your arms raise up bidden by the unseen light of your hidden desire to be free of constraint, of judgment and graceless patterns of behavior.  Allow yourself to live by expressing yourself with genuine certainty so as to spread the love and empathy you hold in boundless troves of the mind.

As the positive energy you radiate from this attitude glows, so too can you let go of this spirit, for letting an ideology linger in your mind can rust into the gears of judgment, and stand in the way of forgiveness and rationality.  Do not inflict your views upon the world nor upon yourself - express them, and then learn to let go. 

Instead, fly toward the sun by linking arms with your fellow creatives.  Let the glittering light of your collective intentions propel you forward, through the circular twists and narrows of life, through fire and air, letting empathy, humor, and love guide you.  Beckon to the timid souls of your friends, and ask them to join you.  Be the rush that raises the sand into a great twisting storm, with your singular speck at the highest thrust, at once matter and energy, as you find it within yourself to be yourself, to express yourself, to laugh, cry, and live as you wish, til the wings of your journey glide gently to the ground, the day behind you, sleep oncoming, and a renewed world awaiting you on the other side of dawn.

Together, we can send our dreams out into the world and forge a landscape of endless possibilities, each more beautiful than the last, until there is a complete surrender to the possibility of a better tomorrow.  Be the creative person that you want to be.