Darwin’s process and creativity is something I’ve learned to trust and admire after working together for several years now. As a director, he allows the freedom to explore character, environment and also listens to the actor’s concerns. He understands and caters to each individual’s way of working. It’s important to collaborate with people you trust and feel comfortable with. Darwin has a very unique vision which never disappoints!
— Johnny Cannizzaro, Actor (Jersey Boys, Mob City)


Show Your Strengths

Within you lies a great performer.  You know it.  You can prove it.  All you need is a video that shows you doing it.  That's where our demo reel services come in.





Acting Reels

  • Scenes Written Specifically For You

  • In-Depth Filming Process Gives You Multiple Opportunities to Shine

  • Finessed Editing For Cinematic Effect

  • Expert Performance Coaching

  • Professional Grade Color Correction and Sound Mixing

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Digital and DVD delivery

Need Some Help Brainstorming Your Reel?

Creating an acting reel is a big decision, and that's why we like to meet with you ahead of time for coffee to discuss your needs.  If you can't meet in person or don't have time, a phone interview works as well.  Send us your info below and we'll schedule a time!


If you know someone else who would go in on the scene with you, bring them on board for a 2 person scene!  Or if you like, just reserve a spot and we'll group you with another interested actor!

Not only do you get topnotch, incredibly talented professionals making your work look GREAT, but you also get the small business attention to detail. Communication is open, they listen to you, take what you want seriously and then make it more beautiful than you could have ever imagined possible. Above all, they have an eye for beauty. First Class Reels is an LA gem, you won’t find this combination of high quality filmmaking and genuine passion for your finished product anywhere else.
— Fleur, Event Speaker
For any actors needing help putting their demo reel together at a reasonable price, the man to contact is Darwin Carlisle of First Class Reels. His insights and suggestions are invaluable. Additionally, he is quite open and easy to work with, and his quick service seals the deal.
— Marty Rosen, Actor


Demo Reel Editing - $250

- Up to 2.5 hours of work (Most standard reels can be edited in this time. $75/hour after that.)
- 72 hour turnaround
- Digital and DVD delivery

Our Showreel

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