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Act. Play. Dance. Sing. Talk. Here at First Class Reels we get to the heart of your true inner voice with scenes tailored just for you.  We are a team of artists who are here to help make you look professional and in command.  Our rates are affordable and we take pride in what we create.  We work with performers of all kinds, so whether you're an actor who's just starting out or a veteran magician, we know how to draw out the best in you. • 213.814.2493 • darwin@firstclassreels.com


Tired of getting stuck in dead-end roles and auditions that don't go anywhere?  Try one of our First Class Reels, where you enter into a close collaboration with Darwin Carlisle to rehearse, brainstorm, and ultimately film a reel that's tailored to show off your specific talents.  Rates vary depending on complexity.

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Actor Reels

Whether it's a single scene, a short film, a showcase, or a collection of 3 scenes to condense into a single reel, you can expect only the finest quality from First Class Reels. We produce complex, involving work that pops off the screen and stands out from the crowd. All scenes are written specifically for the client, produced with care and passion, and edited with the same professional eye.


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